Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why a God blog?

     This is simply a God blog to share cool things that God is up to, encourage people in their own walks with God, and to share with people how to even have a relationship with God in the first place.

     In Matthew 5:14 Jesus calls us to be "The light of the world and a city on a hill". I imagine we can all agree that the internet can be a dark and sketchy place. As followers of Jesus, we should use our computer/technology access to be that light in the darkness. Not only should we be good examples, we should encourage each other, and we should share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ Matthew 28:18-20

     There are a few different ways to share Jesus. Natural sharing, meaning just sharing Jesus with friends and people around you. Body sharing, to bring someone to a body of believers such as church, youth group, a Christian conference, etc. Finally, there is mission sharing and that means to go out and share with strangers and tell people about Jesus even before you solidify a friendship. That all being said, I believe there should be a fourth way to share Jesus. In our current generation technology is a strategic tool to reach masses of people. I think blog sharing is a new way to reach people online and share Jesus with them. We shouldn't do any less of the first three ways of sharing, but add this way on top of the others.

     My vision for this blog is to post (and allow others to post) what we're experiencing in God's word and in life. I plan to almost use this as a journal during quiet times, bible study planning, books I'm reading and stuff like that. This should encourage people in their own walks with God. In general, this blog is all about cool things going on in our and others journey with God. Good stuff. -Brandon

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