Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vail Support Project Support Letter

Dear Friends and Family,
I would like to update you on my current adventures.  I am wrapping up my junior year at Fort Lewis College.  I am a student leader with Master Plan Ministries which is in connection with Cru (a mission organization that is committed to bringing the Love and Gospel of Jesus Christ to those all over the world. Focusing on winning (evangelism), building (discipleship) and sending (mission trips) college students all over the world). Through this ministry, among other activities, I encourage college-aged men through discipleship and reach out to my campus by sharing God’s Good News about Jesus.

I am majoring in Psychology while my plan after graduation is to join a full time college ministry staff.  Serving and encouraging college students to make His Glory known has become my greatest passion.  God has done so much in my life in these three years and He still has so many great opportunities ahead of me.  One such opportunity is to go on a Summer Missions Project this summer in Vail, Colorado. 

Vail Summer Project is 9 weeks, May 31 to August 5, involving about 40 college students.  The project uses the outdoors as a training ground and education tool to teach about the Holy Spirit, Evangelism, and living lives of authenticity with each other and the Lord.  We will experience what it looks like to “do ministry” in a real life context, the workplace. We will also serve the community through outreach and community service. Vail Summer Project is going to be an awesome opportunity for me, my future co-workers, and for my personal ministry (more details about the project can be found at: ).

In order to make this project possible I need support from a team of partners—a group of people like you to be involved through prayer and finical support.  The total cost of the project is $3,800 (this includes housing, some meals, materials, etc.).  This is a great opportunity for me to trust God’s provision.
I wrote this letter to ask if you would prayerfully consider joining my team of partners through prayer and finical support.  Are you willing to support my Summer Project by donating $50, $100, or $200? Of course, any amount will be helpful and greatly appreciated. 

All donations to Campus Crusade for Christ are tax-deductible. Donations can be made on a secure website: . Checks can be made out to Campus Crusade for Christ (memo: Brandon Cox) and sent to:

Brandon Cox
FLC 7594 1000 Rim Drive
 Durango, CO 81301

Also, I probably don't have your mail address (my generation doesn't utilize address books). I would love to send you a support letter through the mail; could you message me your address? You can contact me at or

I appreciate your time, prayers, and consideration about supporting my Summer Project.

Thank you,

Brandon Cox