Friday, May 6, 2011

Encouraging story: NightVision, Soularium, Knowing God Personally

Heavenly Father may this story be a reminder to us of your goodness.

Last summer I volunteered at NightVision with the evangelism team. I was really excited for this event. That summer I had been living in the mountains without too many evangelism opportunities. I had been listening to Master Plan Ministries’ evangelism MP3s, praying, reading Nate’s evangelism blog, and fasting. God was using all this to grow my desire to share his Good News (Psalm 37:4).

Day one of NightVision I got to witness to a lot of people. I felt like it was more encouragement than witnessing because almost every person I talked to already had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The morning was a bit slow so I decided to just jam out to the great Christian bands in the afternoon. The whole time I was jamming out, I knew more and more people that didn't yet have a personal relationship with Jesus were walking into the concert. I knew now was the time to share, but I just enjoyed the music. The Holy Spirit convicted me and I repented (James 4:17).

On day two of NightVision I felt great as if day one was a warm-up. I still felt convicted, but in a good way. It was a reminder to seek more opportunities. I had a great day sharing the gospel using the Soularium tool. When I returned from dinner I put a Soularium in my pocket and prayed to be filled by the Holy Spirit. Just then I saw all of my friends in the front row jamming out and praising God. Begging to walk towards my friends, God stopped me in my tracks.

I felt strongly convicted to go share and I also strongly wanted to go jam out. Like a three year-old I had an obedience battle with my Father, my will vs. God’s. God won. I headed off to go share the gospel alone. Feeling pretty scared, I stopped and prayed some more (which gave me boldness).

I came up to three high school girls and asked them if they wanted to do a photo survey (Soularium). Slightly embarrassed and confused they agreed to do the survey. The embarrassment quickly transitioned into interest in the survey and getting to know each other. As I went through the survey I remember them saying that they all wanted to be beautiful brides one day. I observed a few clues that they had not yet made a decision to know God personally. They asked how other surveys turned out so I shared how I got to share a Knowing God Personally (KGP) booklet with a young man earlier that day. They asked, "Can you share that booklet with us?" Usually, after the Soularium questions a transition needs to be made to get into the KGP, but these girls asked me to share it with them before we even got half way through the survey!

I began to guide them through the booklet. I read law one that Jesus loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives. I read John 3:16 to them and asked, “have any of you ever heard this verse?” they all hadn’t. Knowing that they had little to no exposure to the gospel I went through the next three points very thoroughly. When I got to law three that Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins, they asked about my own testimony. I shared my own story of coming to know God on a personal level. After sharing the reason for my hope, and going over law four that we must individually receive Christ, we got to the three circles. I asked, “Which circle best represents your life now?” They all three pointed to the first circle, a circle with self on the throne and Christ outside of their lives. I then asked, “Which circle would you like to represent your life?” Eyes teary, they all said they wanted circle two, a circle with Christ on the throne and self surrendered to Christ.

I asked if they wanted to pray right then to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Still crying they all nodded yes. Up to this point I had shared the KGP with about 30 people. Few stick around to hear law four let alone want to pray to receive Christ. I was clueless, but the Holy Spirit inside me had it covered. He helped guide them in a prayer of salvation and repentance.

I gave them all their own KGP, exchanged contact information, and had them fill out a follow-up form. Walking to the follow-up station, they asked me, “You’re really happy right now aren’t you?” I then got to explain that their names were now written on God’s hands and that there was a celebration in heaven happening for their step of faith. Happy was an understatement.

They headed off only to hear the gospel all over again by the main speaker and various artists. Since then, we stay in contact and I look forward to spending eternity with these three girls with Christ in heaven. God is good.

I pray that you would use this story as encouragement. Beyond that, I encourage you to serve and take a step of faith as well. NightVision is still accepting volunteers! It is a "sooner the sign up, the better" kind of thing. If you do want to volunteer at NightVision sign up here. If you can't make this event, I challenge you to both serve and to share the gospel (refer to the links in the 1st paragraph). In the end, Jesus is totally worth it and the Holy Spirit in us will allow us to do great things for Christ's glory. 

Thank you and God bless.