Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I became aware of IAMSECOND as being a great source for testimonies. There are several celebrities' testimonies and testimonies of lesser known people. They all have one thing in common; making God first and making themselves become second. 

I did not know until recently that iamsecond provides a great bible study resource. This was an answer to prayer. First semester of this year, my two roommates and I tri-lead a co-ed bible study in our room. The bible studies were topical, so a great investment of time researching verses was needed. This was a growing experience, but second semester I was in search of a bible study resource that took little preparation ( I was taking more credit hours and instead of tri-leading, I would be co-leading).

I found what I was looking for. The studies have all gone so well (with very little preparation). A typical study begins with follow up since last week and transitions into watching a short video. After discussing the video, the bible study transitions into God's word. The selected reading is usually a segment of a chapter. We discuss the verses. Then we go over the following questions: What does this show us about people? What does this tell us about God? How can we apply this verse to our lives? And the bible study wraps up with: Who can I share what I have learned tonight with?

Iamsecond is an attractive multimedia resource. Of course, God's word alone is attractive, but this is appealing to our generation's connection to the media. We used this resource as a men's bible study, but the women in our family of faith have also recommended it as a great women's bible study.

This study is great for the whole spectrum from non-believers to growing Christians. I know there is a population of people that are ready to team up to check out God's word. There may be a few simple obstacles that may be holding them back. 1) They don't know where to begin reading! 2) They don't know if they can commit to being a leader. 3) They don't know how to transition the bible study to run smoothly. I know these obstacles may come up because I thought the same things. This study lead the way while at the same time subtly taught me how to lead. 

And best of all, it is transitional. We use this term to mean someone can be a part of your study, see how it's done and then lead their own iamsecond. You can put together the most powerful bible study ever, but it it can't be passed on, there is possibly no multiplication in that process (it may make leading even more intimidating). I am all about leading people so that they may lead people (who then lead more people). Whether or not some is transitional or not is a high quality and iamsecond nails it.

Well, two day's ago was our last men's iamsecond bible study of the school year. I am excited to co-lead next year (possibly with a guy that was an attendee). Maybe one day, I'll be encouraging a whole action group of guys that are all leading their own bible studies. Well, check out the video's for yourself. This is one of my favorites below or you can find all the videos at:

Thank you and God bless you.